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It has been a while since I published my initial blog during second half of 2019 announcing my first book “Executive Thoughts”. So much has happened in the past few months which caused the setbacks. First due to sports accident I torn my Achilles tendon which forced me into surgery and having to wear a cast for 3 months. This was followed by physiotherapy sessions to be able to go back to normal walking activities and return to work. A second setback caused by the recent invasion of Corona Virus into the world and changing our lives forever. This took a lot of time and effort to manage the crisis taking care of the business and our associates.

Nevertheless, I have spent the past few weeks working on the book which I am excited to share with you some insight in this blog. A dream is coming true and I hope to announce shortly the date to launch the book.

Executive Thoughts” brings an overall prospective to leadership, highlighting priorities and bringing awareness of pertinent issues, to help young Executives and Leaders to succeed. These thoughts are driven by years of experience in the hotel field. To be a successful leader you need to handle and worry about many things and sometimes either you dont have enough experience or simply you overlook some of the important priorities which you should be aware of or perform. “Executive Thoughts” gathered all these elements into one book as a guide to help you stay ahead of the herd and never say I was not told. It will give you a holistic approach to manging your business and dont miss a corner to make you more successful.

The book covers many important leadership topics and will guide you on the important priorities to look for under each topic. So wether you are looking for some guidance in Guest Engagement, People Engagement, Marketing, Sales, Handling Stress, building your team or even managing relation with your owning company & Management company, it is all covered to give you a great insight. Other topics include planning, presentations, decision making and even handling crisis situations. It is all there well thougt of in a simple manner that allows you to instantly know and focus on the important matters.

One of the very interesting topics I am involved in writing now is managing the relationship and balance between Owners and Management companies. In recent years this has become a big challenge for many leaders. I highlight in this chapter the key points and approaches you should take to manage these relations starting with your full understanding of the Management Agreement binding the two parties to the priorities for each and how you should always seek a win-win situation to come out successful. A smart Leader can make or break this relationship and many mangers ultimatley lose their jobs for not handling this relation properly. You dont want to be that manager.

Of course, I did not forget to write my thoughts about Millennials and how important they have become in every organization. How to balance between old ways and new ways to achieve your goals. How to capitalize on their strength and supress what might be a weakness. Yes experience matters but sometimes in our old ways we dont listen or see new ways presented by the Millennials which might produce better and faster results. It is crucial that you balance old and new to achieve success.

“Executive Thoughts” is exciting, methodical, organized and inspiring, as described by many of the managers who I reach out to have their feedback after reading parts of the book. They find great value in having all these thoughts to guide you into one book.

I am nowadays staying focused to finalize the last few chapters and start the overall review. Afterall it is my first attempt to write a book and bring my thoughts based on 30+ years of experience to the palm of your hands. I simply want you to be successful. It seems I am heading in the direction to call the book “Executive Thoughts” as this describes exactly what it is but yet to be decided and will surely keep you informed.


Sherief A. Abouelmagd Author


A word from the Author

For many years I had the idea to write a book that would help to inspire others to be more successful. I thought for long about the core idea of the book and now after many life experiences, I feel it is the right moment to start. There are many things I want to share but like they say “one step at a time” . I thought the best way to begin is to guide young Executives and General managers who are looking for the right path to be successful.

Sitting on a plane flying at an altitude of 37,000 feet heading to visit my family in Stuttgart for a long weekend, decided to pick up the laptop and start writing. I am now more than half way through my first book and it quiet an adventure to share my thoughts, life experiences and beliefs in my own words.

You probably want to know a little about me before going further. I have had a great career over the years, originally from Egypt and have acquired the American Nationality at a later stage in life. My family did not spare any effort to raise me and educate me and they are the ones responsible for who I am today. In my early years I studied at the “English Mission” high school in Egypt which was considered one of the best schools, followed by a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management at Helwan University in Cairo. Once graduated witho honor’s degree, I have set my mind on higher education and attained my Master’s degree from one of the best universities in our field, Florida International University (F.I.U.), Miami, Florida, a Master of Science in Hotel and Food Service Management.

Throughout my career I had the honor to work for some prestigious companies across the globe such as Marriott, Movenpick, Melia Hotels International & Shaza Hotels in addition to a couple of independent owners. My 32 years’ experience spans from USA to North Africa, Middle East and GCC countries. I have virtually worked in almost every hotel type which was a great exposure to many pertinent issues in the hospitality industry.

I started my career in the rooms division area as a Front Desk Clerk and moved up the ladder to be become an Area Director of Operation for several properties in two countries. I have managed many properties as General Manager and conducted several openings, conversions and rebrandings. This massive experience made me who I am today and I am very proud of what I have accomplished.

The most important part of my career is that “I Love What I Do” and in the pages to come I want to share with you some of my idiology of what I believe is the road to success. I was inspired by many great managers over the years who helped shape my thoughts and philosophies and I am confident you will enjoy and take something from it to make you more successful.


Sherief A. Abouelmagd